iPads in Education - Haiku Deck App Review

Haiku Deck App - "Set Your Story Free"

Basics: Haiku Deck is a FREE app for creating presentations very quickly and easily.   While only 5 of the themes are provided (others can be in-app purchased), they are very modern looking.  The app is very intuitive to use, offering easy to change layouts.  There are fewer choices than many other presentation creators, meaning the user stays more focused on the content.  Also, text space is limited forcing the user to focus in on the main ideas of their presentation.

You can either add your own photos or use the app to search a photo service where you can select a word/phrase from your slide and have it find  pictures that are tagged as such.  Some of the built in messages are quirky, funny or annoying depending on your sense of humor (such as: "Patience grasshopper downloading a large file").

Educational Uses:  This is a great free alternative to other paid presentation apps (such as Keynote).

Link to Websitehttp://www.haikudeck.com

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