iPads in Education - Dink App Review

Dink - "Become a Master Animator"

Basics: Dink is an app for creating animations.  The user creates the animation using stop frame (or stop motion) animation, allowing the user to customize on a frame by frame basis.  Creativity is only limited by the user, as the user creates all the content.

Educational Uses:  If you are looking for an app for animation that is easy for students to pick up and learn very quickly, this app may be the one.  I was able to create a simple 15 frame animation - with layers - in under 15 minutes.  That was without looking at any tutorials or examples.  Very easy to learn and use.  Overall, very powerful....however, you might want to read the drawbacks before purchasing for your classroom set of devices.

Drawbacks in Education:  The link to MyDink.net within the app is a serious concern - not the site itself, but that it connects to animations created by others and many of these are not appropriate for students (one of them even embarrassed me!).  Big drawback, in my humble opinion, especially if you are considering this for younger kids (as I was).

Another drawback for some educators might be that it is not available for volume discounting in the VPP (volume purchase program) for Education.

Current Cost: 99¢

Link to iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dink/id468497050?mt=8

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