2016 #MACUL Conference - Tipsheet 5...YOUR Ideas!

So my #MACUL16 Tipsheets generated some ideas from all of you! Here's a bonus tipsheet with your ideas -
  • Bring a power strip to make new friends at crowded outlets. ~Carol Isakson

  • Get to your sessions early. Once a session is full, the doors will be closed and a “Session Full” sign should be visible. If you see a session full sign on a door or a representative tells you it is full, please respect that and do not enter.

  • Don't try to fill every session slot. Spend an hour in the exhibit hall or just sitting and reflecting on other sessions. Your brain and your feet both need a rest sometime. ~Andy Losik

  • Wear your badge. The badge holder and lanyard will be in your conference bag. You will pick up your bag after check-in.

  • Before you arrive at the conference stop by the store and grab some easy to eat bananas, granola bars, etc. ~The President (?? Not sure which president!)

  • Come celebrate our 40th anniversary with us on Thursday night! The MACUL party will be at the Grand Rapids Public Museum starting at 7:30 pm. Enjoy special desserts, music, breakout strategy game, and networking with MACUL members.

  • Use the MACUL app to its full potential! I love the note taking feature because I can email and save my notes to refer to months later.  ~@ashleyn627 

  • If you are a new attendee there is a 10 am, Thursday survivors guide panel session in Grand Gallery B, DeVos Place. It will give you lots of information, tips and tricks for having a successful conference. 
  • A quick way to take notes is to take pictures. Have your camera ready! ~Dave Tchozewski

  • Follow along on our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with the official conference hashtag which is #macul16.

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