Google Sheets - Random Name Generator by Flippity Part 2

This is a very slick and easy to use way to create a random name generator by! And actually, in addition to being a random name generator, it is also a random group creator, and random seating chart - all in one setup.

For my last post, I walked through the setup.  In this post we will look at what it generates and ways you can use it.

When you first go to the generated link, this is the screen you see.  Notice at the top it says Mrs. Waffle's Class - that is because I named the sheet with my student names on it. 
There are a series of tabs across the top which allow you to use this in different ways.  The first tab is a single name generator.  Clicking the forward arrow will move to the next name - you will go through the entire class in a random order.  If you are looking for fully random names, you can use the crossed arrows under the name - that one will essentially through every name back into the pot each time.

 The second tab does a random list of the students in the course.  Again, this will essentially assign the names into a random order.  

The next 4 tabs allow you to create random groups of a specific size - in this case I wanted to have groups of three students.  You can manually switch some specific names if there are a couple kids you want or don't want in the same group. 

The next 4 tabs allow you to create a specific number of groups - in this case I am showing you three groups.  Same as above, you can manually switch some specific names if there are a couple kids you want or don't want in the same group.

The next to last tab allows you to create a random seating chart.  You can use the triangles to add/delete rows and columns.  At any time you can reset it by clicking the crossed arrows at the bottom.

Finally, the last tab title "More..." includes all the choices you see on the other tabs, and addition group sizes or number of groups. 
As you can see, a very flexible sheet to have at your fingertips for random cold calling or group creation.

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