Google Sheets - Random Name Generator by Flippity

This is a very slick and easy to use way to create a random name generator by! And actually, in addition to being a random name generator, it is also a random group creator, and random seating chart - all in one setup. 

For this first post, I am walking you through the setup.  In my next post we will look at what it generates and ways you can use it.

To set this up for your students, follow these steps:
1. Get the template Google Sheet here.

2. Put your students' names in column A (replacing the ones that are there - you can add and delete as needed, it will adjust to however many names you have in that column).  My recommendation - just use student first names, not their full names.

 3. Double-click on the sheet name at the bottom, and replace it if you want your class name when you view the generator.
4. Go to the File menu and select Publish to the web. Click on the Publish button.

5. Copy the link that is created there.

6. Go back to the spreadsheet and select the second sheet named Get the Link Here. Paste that URL you copied in the green highlighted cell.

7. Anytime you want to view your class, use the link that appears below the one you pasted - it says "Click here to go to your random name picker."

That's it!  You are ready to go.

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