Google Sites - Add a File Cabinet Page

One of my favorite template pages provided on Google Sites is the File Cabinet.  This type of page allows you to share a plethora of resources in a nice organized way.

To add a File cabinet page, first click on the icon to add a new page to your site -

To create the new page, you will give it a name and set its location in your site hierarchy - in addition, you will need to change the template to use to File cabinet -
This will create a page that looks like this - note the icons across the top for page editors & owners -
You can add resources in various ways.  One is by adding a file.  Selecting that option will bring up a file selection window (similar to how you attach files elsewhere) - 
Another is by adding a link with the URL -
Another is by adding a file that is in your Google Drive -
As you add items, they will display on your page.  If you want to organize them, you can create folders to sort the files in -
Once the folder is created, you can select and move files into the folder -

This is what the file cabinet page looks like for a site editor/owner -
This is hat the file cabinet page looks for other viewers of your site -

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