Google Drive - Force Users to Make a Copy

There is a little trick you can use to force users to make a copy of a document, if wanted. 

I often run into a situation with my professional development where I need participants to fill out a form.  In the past, I would make it view only and then ask them to make a copy of the document.  Then I would spend way too much time troubleshooting for people that struggled with this. 

Now, I provide a modified link that asks them to make a copy of the document.  How?

Grab the URL of the document -
Change the "edit" at the end of the URL to "copy" -
This modified URL is what to share/post/email with those that you want to copy the document.  The user will get the following -
Notice that the only button choice on there is Make a copy. 

Permissions still hold true when doing this.  Your document needs to be shared as view only either globally (everyone with the link can view) or individually (the group or individuals need to be added with view rights).  Otherwise they will still get the following -

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