Google Drive - Setting Expiration Dates on Document Access

There is a nice added feature which allows you to set an expiration date on a document.  This way if you want to limit the amount of time a person has access to a document, you can set it and forget it...rather than having to remember to go back and revoke their access later. 

As far as I can tell on my account, you can use this feature with Documents, Sheets and Slides (it did not work with Forms).

To use this features, add the people you want to share the document with.  After adding them, there are two ways you can set an expiration.

Method #1: mouse over until the clock icon appears, click on it:
Method #2: Click on the dropdown and select Set expiration:
Once you select to set expiration, you have some default options - 7 or 30 days.  Or you can set a custom date -

One important note - you can only set expiration for those with comment or view roles.  You CANNOT set it for people with edit rights.  If you try to add it to someone with edit rights, it will give a message telling you that their level of access of will be reduced:

That's it!  Once the expiration date arrives, the person no longer has access to the document.

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