Google Calendar - Create a Second Calendar

Here is a video on how to create an additional calendar, if you prefer.
Using multiple calendars is a good strategy for controlling what information is shared with others.  There are 4 reasons I often hear educators creating multiple calendars - 
  • reminders for you (that don't make you "busy" when others look at your main calendar)
  • for events specific to a project (to separate them from your day-to-day events)
  • managing tasks with due dates (especially items you do not want on your main calendar)
  • shared events with a group (a calendar where everyone can add/change events without changing each others main calendar)
To create a second (or additional) calendar to use, go to the + by the "Add a coworker's calendar" in the middle of the left side bar:

Click on that + to see a variety of options - select New calendar:

A window will pop up, enter in the Name of your additional calendar, then click on CREATE CALENDAR:

That's it!  The calendar will now show up over in your list of calendars; you can change settings, set its permissions and share it as you desire.  When creating new events, you can select for them to be on this calendar instead of your primary calendar.  


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