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Supporting Michigan Libraries - November 15, 2018

From Liz Breed of MeL - 

MeL team: Kathy Kosinski, Sonya Norris and Liz Breed
We're excited to offer AtoZdatabases, a new eResource in MeL. This powerful tool offers content useful for demographic profiles, business site location studies, traffic studies, proposal/grant writing, mapping a geographic area, conducting city or regional comparisons, research and development, and studying industry segments.
Whether you currently offer support to your local business community or you're considering doing so in the future, AtoZdatabases can help enhance and build your efforts. Some of the most common questions small business owners ask can be fielded using AtoZdatabases.
  • How do I find new customers to grow my business?
  • Should I expand my business in this new geographic area?
  • Where can I get a mailing list to promote my new service or products?
  • How can I learn more about my community?
  • I need to secure additional funding. Where can I find information about the potential in my market?
There is also a criminal background search tool. Great for HR departments!
AtoZdatabases also offers a job search tool. Searches can be done using job titles, keywords, business names, geography, and salary. There are over 7 million jobs to search and these listings are updated in real time. Job seekers can apply on the spot. If your job seeker is having trouble with their resume, AtoZdatabases offers resume templates, as well as questions to help prepare for interviews
Training and tutorials for library staff are available in AtoZU, AtoZdatabases' University. Visit the AtoZU site to register for regularly recurring live webinars. If the live webinars don't fit your schedule AtoZU also makes recorded introductory videos available.
We hope you have fun exploring this new, powerful tool in MeL, and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask!


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