Google Calendar - Hide/Show Calendar Events

Your calendar can quickly become cluttered if you have a variety of calendars - both your own and those shared with you.  It is very easy to have access to calendars, yet have the events on those calendars only showing when you WANT them to.

Here is a video on how to hide or show a calendar if you prefer.

On the left side where your calendar list is, notice the colored boxes:
Those that are filled in are the calendars you are viewing.  Those that are empty are those you have access to, but the events are hidden.

At any time, you can click on the colored box to either hide or show the events for that calendar.  In the example here I am clicking the calendars "off" to hide the events:

Clicking on the box again will fill it, and display the events for that calendar along with your other calendars you are viewing.

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