Google Calendar - How to Create an Out Of Office Event

Google Calendar has a little-known feature (at least in our area) to help you mark your out-of-office time.  This feature is handy as it will automatically decline any invitations that are sent to you once you have set it.

The following video shows you how to create an out-of-office event, and what it looks like and does.  Note that just like a regular event you can set it for a partial day OR multiple days.

Video on creating an Out Of Office Event

If you prefer written guidance, here those are with screenshots:

1. Click on a date to add an event.  In the pop-up window that appears, type in the name of the event-

2. Select the "Out of Office" button that is an option below the event name-

3. Update the following information as needed:

  1. Starting and ending dates and times (it can be a partial day, full day or multiple days as needed)
  2. The customized message you want sent to people that invite you to events
  3. The visibility of your event by others able to see your calendar

 4. Click Save

5. A message pops up to let you know that both new and existing meetings during the time you scheduled will be automatically declined -

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