Book Review - Moodle 2.0 Course Conversion

As a Moodle champion, I am often asked if there are book recommendations I would make to those teachers just starting out with Moodle.  I did this in the past, but with so many institutions upgrading to Moodle 2.+, there were just enough differences between 1.9 & 2.0 that those previous resources were creating confusion for the new Moodle user.

Finally I have a resource that I can recommend to the new Moodle users I am working with:

This book does a great job of introducing the brand new Moodler (person using Moodle) to the features and functionality available to them on a Moodle server.  It uses easy to understand examples, and incorporates hands-on practice exercises for the user to perform in his/her own Moodle course throughout.  Ian does a great job of incorporating tips and cautionary words for those pieces that might trip up the new user.  For example, after walking the user through uploading a file he includes a section on how to upload a folder of files at one time, and also alerts the user to be aware of the file size limitations they might encounter on their Moodle site.

The book is pretty much split in half.  The first half is about the Moodle course setup and adding resources to the site.  The second half is introducing the user to the activities available in a standard Moodle installation.  Towards the end of the second half of the book, he does revisit some more advanced features available in the resources and course settings areas.

Thanks to Ian for this great beginner's guide to those just starting out with both Moodle and online learning.


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