iPads in Education - Verifying a Facilitator Account

Recently we have had to add another facilitator account for one of our buildings.  Unfortunately, when trying to get the account setup it snagged at the "verify" stage.

Essentially, after a new facilitator account has been created by the VPP Manager, the person acting as facilitator goes to the VPP store to login with the new facilitator account.  The first time the account is used, the password recovery process must be used to set the password for the account.  (This means you click on "Sign in," then on the Volume Purchase Program sign-in page select "Forgot Password" to set the password for the account.  The person gets an email with a verifying link to finish the password setting process.)  After the password is set, the user is required to provide additional security.
When clicking on this link currently, the user gets a "Secure Connection Failure" that prevents him/her from finishing this process. 

However, there is a work-around to finish the setup process for the account.  If you use the UNSECURE link for the site it refers to you can complete the process.  This actually does then do a redirect to the secure site for login.
  1. Go to the address: http://myinfo.apple.com
  2. Enter in the facilitator account name and the password you just set.
  3. Complete the security info questions (date of birth, and the super-secret question)
There might be a lag between the time you complete this, and the time you can actually log into the site-I had to wait about 2 hours.  However, that evening I was actually in the VPP Store redeeming vouchers so I was ready to purchase apps.


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