iPads in Education - App Suggestion Sketch Pad 3

Basics: User is provided with a canvas to write & draw on.  What makes this app exceptional are all the advanced features.  You can also:
  • add a picture, resizing and rotating it to fit where you want on the canvas
  • make the background lined or graph paper, change the color of the background
  • add typed in notes
  • select, move, layer and change the style of individual elements on the screen
  • extend the canvas size as much as needed, using a tooled in scroll control to move in exactly where needed
  • add a size customizable palm rest to prevent unwanted marks
  • ability to export out in multiple ways (email, photos, print & app) and formats (jpg, png, pdf, file)

Educational Use: This is one of the most flexible "drawing" apps I have explored.  Because everything on the canvas is an individually controlled item there is a lot of flexibility in creating materials that can be used by students.  Additionally, the ability to send it via email or to another app (I sent an annotated document as a pdf to iBooks) makes the created products more usable.  Once example I could see: students pulling up a document with questions, annotating on their answers then sending the document back to the teacher. One of the uses we are looking at using this for is teachers that wish to take running records on their mobile devices.

Drawbacks in Education: Since the app is free, currently there are ads displayed on top of the screen. 

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