iPads in Education - the Reflection App for the Mac

Last week at the MACUL Conference was the first I heard about the Reflection App.  Yesterday I downloaded the trail and played...10 minutes later I had paid for the app. All I can say is.... WOW!

What does the Reflection App do?
  • It finally provides a way to fully display your iPad2 (or iPhone 4S) on your Mac computer - NOT THE DISPLAY, BUT THE COMPUTER ITSELF!
What advantage is this?
  • One can now create how-to or tutorial videos demonstrating exactly what they are doing on the iPad.  For instance, I run Jing while running Reflection and can record with my audio directions what I am doing on the iPad.
  • One can also easily display the iPad onto a projector connected to the computer.  I have been in many classrooms where the projector VGA cable is wired into a large AV docking system and trying to tether the iPad in puts me in a poor location in the room.  
  • Additionally, (if you are like me) your iPad - VGA cable constantly disengages just enough to lose connection as you move the iPad around while presenting; this solution eliminates any tethering.
How does it work?
  • Put the Mac and iPad on the same network
  • Run Reflection on the Mac
  • Select your Mac and turn on Mirroring in AirPlay
I even was creating my own network on my Mac and connecting that way.  There was a little more lag (about 1/2 a second), but it still worked great (what I need when I cannot get both my iPad and Mac on the same WiFi connection within a school district).  Here's a picture of my connecting (taken & annotated with Jing while using Reflection):

What is the cost?
  • The single user license was $14.99
  • A 5 user multi-license was available for $49.99 

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