Google Classroom - Add "Class Materials"

Many of you may have missed a new feature in Google Classroom - the ability to have an item (or some items) available to students all the time OUTSIDE the Stream.  This can be very handy for a course syllabus or other item you want students to easily reference throughout the course.

To add items to this area, you need to go to the About section of your Class -

Once you are there, look for a section at the bottom of the page that says Add class materials - 

When you click on that area, it changes so you can add the following:
1 - a Title for the section
2 - icons showing you want you can add here
3 - the box to Post it to your current class

While there are 4 icons of types of items that can be added, it is technically 3. 
1. You can link to items that are in your Google Drive.  (If you select the Attach icon, it actually loads the item to your Google Drive and attaches it the same way as the Drive icon.)
2. Add a general URL link - note that at this time you cannot add a title to this, it just says Link and has the URL underneath it.
3. Add a YouTube video

Once you are done, click Post and it is live for your students!  That is it.  Because it is under the About, it will not get lost in your Stream. 

Finally, if you want to edit or delete what you have here, use the More icon to access the options for that -

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