Google Forms Just Got Smarter

I can't think of the number of times in the past I would get frustrated by the default multiple choice question type for Google Forms.  A little thing, but those few seconds to change it (I use lots of text answers) add up over time.

Well, recently Google Forms just got smarter!

Now, when you type a question if you use some key phrasing it changes the question type to match what you are asking for.

Examples -
Here is the default first question:

In the past when you typed, it stayed a multiple choice question:
Now, it recognizes when you want something different - and changes the question type.  Here adding an "s" to day (so it indicates the ability to select multiple), it changes the question type to a Checkbox:

Using the word "rate" changes it to a linear scale:

Asking a standard question (like for a name) will change it to a short answer:

Starting with a word like "describe" will change it to a paragraph text option:

 Asking about a date will change it to a date:

Back at the first example, you may have noticed another neat feature - when you ask something so common as "what day," it makes suggestion:

You can add the suggestions quickly by clicking "ADD ALL" or by clicking on the specific ones you want to add:

Very neat adds - that can add up to a lot of saved effort over time!

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