Lessons from the Vietnam War


Lessons from the Vietnam War

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF), the nonprofit organization that founded and preserves the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, has released new curriculum materials that are available to teachers to teach Vietnam in their classroom. The Echoes From The Wall curriculum set explores the Vietnam War and era through 14 lesson plans that include background readings, in-class and extension activities tied to national learning standards, and lecture presentations incorporating primary source audio and video. The lesson plans cover a range of topics, from Motivations for US Involvement to the Legacy of the War in Vietnam. Educators can review and download individual lesson plans or the full curriculum from the VVMF website.
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Plus: For students who would like to view artifacts of the war up close and behind the scenes, VVMF has debuted a new videoconferencing/distance learning program that connects students around the country and world to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection. By signing up for The Things They Carried program, students can learn about the Vietnam War, discuss questions of war and peace, and view some of the more than 400,000 items left in remembrance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall since 1982. From swords to draft cards, these objects represent the range of experiences citizens had during a divisive time in US history.
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(From Big Deal Media - October 2016 edition)

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