Google Forms - Using Graphics for mulitiple choice Options

Yesterday I got asked if one could use graphics for the multiple choice options in Google Forms.  The answer is yes, you can, ever since they added the ability to add images to not just the question, but the choice options as well.

Here is an example using smileys that one local school likes to use with younger children.

First, begin creating your form with a title and the first question.  (You can put on a theme or color scheme if you want now also.)

Click on the image icon to add an image for the question choice:
You will be able to upload the image, take a snapshot, grab it from your Google Drive or search:
You may notice that this does keep the name of each as Option 1, Option 2, etc.
Delete out these and replace with something like a period - trying to delete out all text will not work, something has to be in the box.
Here is what is seen in the browser when filling out the form:

Clicking on the image will even select their option.  If the pictures are too big, you can edit them to be smaller before adding them.

A thought - if you are doing this for your students, the snapshot may be a fun way to do it...and then you are also sure that you are copyright compliant. 

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