2017 MACUL Conference - Adding Pre-Conference Sessions to your Registration

If you have already registered for the 2017 MACUL Conference, and would like to add a preconference session on Wednesday to your registration, use the following steps:

1. Go to the registration site.

2. Login with the account you used previously to register for the conference.  You must use the same account!

3. Note a new window at the top will tell you that you are already registered for the conference, but you may add workshops (pre-conference sessions) by going through the process again.  (You would use these same steps to make any modifications to your registration.)
 4. Click Next on the first screen with your contact information
 5. Click Next on the next screen about Membership
 6. On the next screen, pre-conference workshops are now an option
 7. When you click on the blue bar, it will display the pre-conference sessions.  Each one has the following:
  1. Registration box for that workshop
  2. Name of the workshop session
  3. Sponsoring SIG
  4. Cost (1/2 day sessions are $70, full day sessions are $140; a few have additional fees to cover material costs)
  5. # of seats
  6. Time of the session
  7. Details link so you can get more information about the session
8. Complete the payment information on the next screen to complete adding the pre-conference workshop to your conference experience.


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