Discovery Education - Leading Your School District’s Digital Transition Guide

From Discovery Education -

A digital transition is a multi-faceted, multi-year process that must be carefully considered, planned, and communicated. Discovery Education's latest guide, Leading Your School District's Digital Transition, comes from three experienced educators, who bring their combined 16 years of leadership and 20 years of teaching to bear. The guide demonstrates step-by-step strategies on how to bring your team, your infrastructure, and your students into a modern learning environment.

In this guide, learn:
  • 9 strategies for deploying a digital learning environment
  • How to ensure your resources align to standards
  • Advice on instituting your digital vision across a district
  • What 3 superintendents gained from their digital transitions
  • 10 reasons a school district should go digital today

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About the educators:


Susan K. Allen
East Irondequoit Central School District, NY

Dr. Christine Johns
Utica Community Schools, MI

Dr. Dwight Jones
Former Superintendent
Clark County Schools,


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