Google Calendar - Access to Deleted Events is Here!

Today I deleted a duplicate event on my calendar (one of those events I created, and then received an invite from the organizer...).  A few minutes later, I received an email in my inbox:
This is an awesome upgrade to making Calendars have similar features to other Google products!

So notes from the email & what it means:

1. deleted events are stored in THAT calendar's trash.  Where is that?  It is a new option under the calendar settings:
2. deleted events will reside in the Trash for 30 days, same as your GMail, and Google Drive items.

3. deleted events can be restored by selecting it and then clicking the restore button

4. the trash can be emptied "manually" at any time
Shared Calendars: Note that "user's with Make changes and manage sharing” or “Make changes to events” permission for a calendar can access Trash."  This is only talking about the Trash for that shared calendar as each calendar has it's own Trash.  While it does not tell you WHO trashed an event, it does tell you when it was deleted.

A very nice upgrade!

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