Google Sites - Uploading an Image from your Computer (Device)

The best way to "jazz" up your web pages so they are attractive to visitors is to add images.  Usually images selected for a web page tell either something about the content of the page, or something about the website owner. 

One word of advice - make sure the image you want to use is in an accessible area (for instance NOT inside a picture app where it might be difficult to identify and select it). 

To add an Image:
1. While in Edit mode, go to the Insert Menu and select Image
2. To find and select a new picture, click on the Upload Images button.

3. In the pop-up window, you will find and select the image from it's location on your computer. 
4. Google will upload it to your site.

Once the image has been uploaded to the site, you are able to use it anywhere on that specific site, as many times as you wish.

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