Google Sites - Inserting a Video onto a Google Webpage

If you are into multimedia on your Google Site, you probably would like to have a video or two.  First, a couple words of caution about video -
  • I wouldn't recommend putting video on your Home page - if your site is about accessibility and some of your visitors are connecting with slow internet the load time could turn them away before they even see your site!
  • The average attention span for a video is 3-7 minutes (depending on what study you read) - keep that in mind, along with the fact that the longer the video the is the more bandwidth and/or data it will be using
So, if you use video - which can be very effective - use it sparingly.

To add video to your site, first load it into your Google Drive.  This is hands down the easiest way.  Then when in edit mode on the page you want the video:

1. Go to the Insert Menu, select Drive (on the right side) and then choose Video:

2. In the window that pops-up, you can use the search bar to find your video:

3. Once you see the video you would like to use in the window, click on it to highlight it:

4. You have some property settings you can control - URL, Name, border and size:

5. After you save the property settings, you have some formatting settings - alignment, text wrapping:

6. Your video will only appear as a grey box while you are in edit mode.  Once you Save your page changes you will see the video on the page:

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