Google Documents - More Security in Sharing

The newest update in Google Drive gives some more options to protect your documents - finally, you can keep your document from being copied!

When you are sharing your document (or spreadsheet), go to the Advanced option:

Look for a new checkbox at the bottom of the window that says "Disable options to download, print, and copy for commenters and viewers."

 So, what does this do for those you share it with?  Three key things -

1.  It takes away many options in the File Menu, including "Make a copy," "Download as," and "Print."

 2. If they try to share it further, they get the message "You must ask the owner to invite the people below."

3. If they try to highlight and copy or cut the content on the page, they get the message "Options to download, print, and copy have been disabled on this file."

This is a huge change in helping to keep the integrity of shared documents.

Want to see it in action?  Here is a video from the Google Gooru showing it in action.

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