Google Forms - A New Version of Forms is Here!

Yesterday morning I created a I was prompted to update it to the newest version of forms.  Such is the perpetual cycle that is Google!

Here's a brief overview:
 1. A new updated, sleeker look - a great improvement, in my humble opinion:

 2. A new tab to view responses right within the form.  You can still access the spreadsheet of responses, but for all those times you don't need the entire spreadsheet this is a great addition.  Also, there is now a slider to turn on/off the form:

3. A new icon to set the color or select the theme.  Themes have a new and improved way of previewing and selecting:

 4. There is a preview icon that matches the preview icon in Google Drive:

5. The settings are found by clicking the gear icon above - again a match to what you see in other Google Apps (I love consistency...).  Settings are grouped into a new order, one that is a little more intuitive.  Choosing who can respond is now a drop down that help better explain the scope of accessibility for your form:
6. The sideways ellipse of More options now appears - giving quick access to the additional options you may want for your form.  Note the option of "Get pre-filled link":
7. Adding items has changed slightly - there is a bar to the right of your existing questions with icons that let you add questions, text, images, videos and sections.  There are some neat features to this. 
  • Want to add a question in the middle of the form?  No problem - click on the title of the question you want above the new question and click on the icon to will add it below!
  • Question types are grouped to show similar types together.
  • There is a new slider for required questions.
  • There is a More options area - you can provide hint text and still do data validation here.

Lots of good stuff - this is one upgrade that I'm going to appreciate!

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