Google Sites - Creating a Customized Template

One useful feature that many people do not know about is the ability to create your own custom template pages to use on your site.  This can be nice for several reasons:
  • You are going to be creating multiple pages with a similar layout
  • You are going to be creating multiple pages with similar content
  • You want multiple pages to have the same settings
Or any combination of the above!

Creating your own template is easy -

1. Set up the content/layout/features that you want for your template in a new page (or you can open an existing page that already has all this!)

2. Go to the Gear and select Save as page template
3. Name the template, and select where you want pages created with this template to save

4. Make any additional changes you want to the page (adding or deleting content, etc) - then Save just like a regular page.

To use your new template, when creating a new page click the dropdown under Select a template to use - your templates will be added to the bottom of the list:

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