Google Calendar - Assign a Room

Google Calendar provides a way to set your building rooms as resources, which can then make them available to checkout when you are creating an event.  It is important to note that this feature only works if:

  • your organization has enabled it
  • you have an account with permissions to checkout rooms
(If either of these settings are not enabled, you will not be able to use this feature. Talk to your Google Administrator if you feel this is in error.)

Let's learn how to add a room to an event you are scheduling.

(Here is a video on how to assign a room if you prefer.)

You will need to click on the More options when creating your event to use this feature - 

On the right side, next to Guests it will say Rooms if this feature is being utilized by your organization.  Click on it -

This will change the right area to a list of resources that are setup for your organization (this can be items like video conferencing tools, public devices, etc in addition to rooms).  Find the room you want to check out/use for your event.  If it does not display, then it may already be scheduled for that date/time.  Additionally, if you mouse over the items, a pop-up appears with more details about the room or resource -

Once you select an item, it will appear at the bottom of the list under your account name - this is where you can remove it (using the x on the right) if needed -

Any room/resource you choose will also appear in your Guests list - this is another place you can remove it -

Now when you look at your event on your calendar, you will see the room listed under the event name, data and time -


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