Google Calendar - Setting Up Appointment Slots

One calendar feature that can be useful for some situation is the ability to set up appointment slots.  If you are a Google Apps for Education district, you have this feature. (It is not available with a general Google account...)  This allows you to block out a chunk of time that is actually divided into smaller appointments, then share a link with other people who can select which appointment slot they would like. 

(Here is a video on How to Setup Appointment Slots if you prefer.)

To set up time slots, click on your calendar to add a new event - there is an option at the top called Appointment slots, click on that -

Fill in the following information:
1 - Put in an event title
2 - set the date/time
3 - select the duration of each slot within that time
4 - click Save -

Here is my example filled out -

You can go into the event details to add:
1 - location of the meeting
2 - additional description information

It appears on your calendar with the addition of a grid icon - 

There are 2 ways to get a link to share with those that you want to sign up for an appointment. 
1 - if you are on the event detail page, the link is about 2/3 of the way down -

2 - if you are on your calendar, click on the event and the link appears in the pop-up -

That hyperlink is the important piece of the puzzle.  Copy and share that hyperlink with anyone that you want to sign up for a time slot. 
1 - You will see the time block
2 - They will see the appointment slots

When they click on one of the appointment slots, a popup appears asking if they want to book the appointment -

When they click Save, this message appears -

The individual appointment appears on both of your calendars -


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