Google Calendar - Hide/Show Calendar in List

If you are like me, you have MANY calendars to deal with.  You also may have many shared calendars from other people.  It is an easy thing to control which calendars appear in your list on the left side the calendar - so you only see the calendars needed right now.  

Here is a video on how to hide or show calendars from the list, if you prefer.

First, how to hide a calendar.

1 - click on the "More menu" (3 vertical dots) to the right of the name of the calendar you wish to hide:

2 - in the menu that pops-up, select Hide from list:

That's it! The calendar will not show up in your list anymore:

Second, how to add a calendar back to that list -
1 - click on the More menu and choose the Settings and sharing option for any calendar:

2. When list of calendars appear, any that have been hidden will have an eyeball icon with a slash through it.  Click on that icon to have a calendar show back up:


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