Google Calendar - How to Add a Task Directly on the Calendar

Google has finally integrated its "Tasks" into Calendar in a more useable way that previous iterations.  There are multiple ways to add tasks, and you can even add items from the calendar.  You have the ability to have open tasks with no due dates, or set due dates for tasks (or even sub-tasks) - so no matter your organizational style, this may work for you.

Today we are going to explore how to add tasks directly to the calendar on their due dates.  If you need a basic understanding of how the task feature works, please reference yesterday's post on How to Utilize the Task List.

(Here is a video on How to Add a Task Directly on the Calendar if you prefer.)

First you need to make sure your Tasks calendar is enabled & viewable.  Check this in the left side -

Now when you add an event on your calendar, you have a new option of Task you can select -

Choosing Task, you will be able to set the task up from here -

You can:
1 - Set the name of the task
2 - Set the due date of the task
3 - Add any description details
4 - Change which task list it is part of
5 - Save the task
Here is an example -

Once you click Save, it will display on your calendar as a task.  It is also viewable when working in the task list.  

You can make edits to the this task the same as those adde to the task list: either by clicking on it when viewing the calendar - 
Or by going into the task list


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