Google Calendar - Find a Time Feature

Often you are trying to schedule an event with other people, and it gets tough to find a time that works for everyone.  I can remember how sometimes it took 20-30 emails back and forth to try to narrow down to a commonly open time (and sometimes we just gave up).

Google Calendar has a Find a Time feature you can use to help you find a common time that works for everyone you have invited - you can even prioritize to only some of the invitee's calendars to ensure that those crucial for the event are there.

A small word of caution - this only works well if everyone is using Google Calendar as their planner and keeping it up to date :-)

Here is a video on how to find a time, if you prefer.

To use this feature, click on the More options button when creating the event -

Over on the right side of the event information window, add the guests you want to include in this event -

On the right side, next to the words Event Details is the Find a Time option - click on that -

It defaults by showing a Week view, so you can see everyone's open time over that whole week -

You can also view it in a Day view which will show everyone's free/busy time in a side-by-side look -

A gray box will appear on the calendar to indicate an open time for the event.  You can drag and drop this box to adjust when the event will be scheduled (or you can type in the information in the Event Details)-

Finally, if there are some people that MUST be in attendance, but others that are optional, you can uncheck boxes next to names.  It will appear without that information, making your decision a bit easier (hopefully).


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