Google Forms - Reuse the same spreadsheet when resetting a form

Previously I have shared how to reset a form.  Thanks to a local principal (who happens to be my husband), I've learned there is another way to do this - and it will use the same spreadsheet you used originally, simply creating a new sheet for the new entries so you don't have MANY spreadsheets floating around with the data if you want to track it over time. 

To reset the form, and continue using the same spreadsheet:

In the form, click on RESPONSES, and click on the More menu (3 stacked dots) to select Unlink form - 

When the warning comes up, click UNLINK -

Go again to the More Menu, and this time select Delete all responses -

When the warning comes up, click OK (remember, these responses were saved in the spreadsheet; you are only deleting them from the form itself) -

Click on the More menu a third time, and select Select response destination -

In the prompt window, select Select existing spreadsheet and then hit SELECT -

Choose the spreadsheet the form was previously connected to from the pop-up window -

The spreadsheet will still have the form responses you previously collected in a tab (which can be renamed if you so choose) -

And it will add a new sheet that the form will now be inserting entries onto -
So in my example, I can start collecting information for the new school year in the same spreadsheet, but in a new sheet. 


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